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My Story

My sustainable story

Myself in a nutshell: remedial educationalist - social animal - speech cascade - sustainable skin care lawyer - plant and herb lover.

I had a difficult relationship with my adolescent skin. Irritation, itching, contact allergy... I had it all. My faith in regular skincare products was shattered when I bought an expensive sun cream for sensitive skin, which resulted in a red face full of blisters.

I first came into contact with sustainable skincare when I was a student. The results were amazing. My skin calmed down and no irritations occurred. No more itching, but a healthy glow. After discovering that regular cosmetics often consist of plastic and other junk, the decision was quickly made: no chemical cocktail in my body and in our rivers. For me, only natural products that respect our skin and the planet are allowed.

Take a workshop!

I decided to train as a herbalist. At the end of 2017 I gave my first workshop 'DIY natural care products'. Marion Maakt was born! Since then, I have been giving workshops teaching people how to make their own natural cosmetics.

Meanwhile, I continue to educate myself. I took an additional two-year course in herbalism at the European Academy of Natural Health, a course in Aromatherapy and a course in organic skincare formulator.

Sustainable skin care

Choosing 100% natural, 100% pure, 99% vegan (organic beeswax is the exception) and as many organic products as possible is a no brainer as far as I am concerned. All my ingredients are of high quality, our suppliers carefully selected and the documentation sheets thoroughly analysed. I consciously choose official certificates to be able to guarantee quality. Out of love for our skin and our planet!

With that same love for the skin, I also make sure that the recipes and products of Marion Maakt are100% customisable. I teach you to make your own cosmetics, adapted to your skin type. Because comfort and sustainable skin care are complementary.

And finally, making your own cosmetics is just plain fun. There is nothing more gratifying than taking some time for yourself to brew your personalised products. An act of love for your skin, our planet and yourself.

I compiled my acquired knowledge in two books 'De natuur op je huid' (2020) and 'The Power of Natural Care' (2022). 

Social employment

As far as I am concerned, the story of sustainable entrepreneurship does not end with the choice of ingredients or suppliers. It is in fact a very conscious choice to do social business as well.

All product handling at Marion Maakt is carried out by customization company Gandae. Gandae provides employment to work-skilled people with mental disabilities who are struggling in the regular job market. All purchased goods are received by them and divided into smaller quantities. They fill all jars and bottles and provide them with a nice label.

And so your Marion Maakt order falls into your mailbox!

"Taking care of yourself and our planet, that's what 'Marion Maakt' stands for."

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