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Do you have a question?

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions. Is your question not here? Send us an e-mail ( and we will be happy to answer it. 

We would very much like to answer 'yes' to this, but unfortunately this is not possible. 

As soon as you have paid, the procedure starts and is largely automated. It is therefore not possible to change or add anything. 

It is of course possible to place a second order. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

This is possible on Fridays (except holidays) between 11h-17h in the dorpsstraat 5A, Zwijnaarde. 

Could it be that you are not logged in? You can only access the website after you have logged in. You can do this by clicking on 'log in' in the upper right corner. If it says 'my profile', you are logged in. Then you can go to courses through your profile.

You click on the course you want to view and then on the first module. This will take you to the online learning environment. 

Have fun! 

Here are some tips:

The glass bottles:

  • Wash out with washing-up liquid, if necessary using a baby bottle brush or a straw brush (dille&kamille).
  • Disinfect by boiling for 5 min. in boiling water or 5 min. in a preheated oven at 120 degrees. Only glass part! 
  • Disinfect with alcohol. For example, pour the bioethanol from the webshop into a spray bottle and spray the items to be disinfected. Let it evaporate before you use it.


Lids and pumps made of plastic:

  • Lids: simply wash them well. If necessary, disinfect by spraying with alcohol.
  • Unfortunately, you cannot reuse pumps as easily. You could fill a bottle with soap/water, pump it out and then with alcohol/water and pump it out again, but it is not watertight. There is a big chance that some of the residue will stay behind and make your next product mouldy more quickly. So you will have to replace it eventually. More zero-waste? You can also buy twist-off caps instead of pumps. Caps can be washed as well as the lids above. But these are less convenient to use.

The use of essential oils is not recommended during pregnancy. There are exceptions. Dosage and way of using it is important. Always consult a recognised aromatherapist. 

Sunscreen and DIY do not go well together. It is too risky. A good sun cream should protect against both UVA and UVB. Since DIY products are not checked by a lab, I decided not to try it. 

My daily protection is my mineral make-up. It consists largely of mineral filters that protect against UVA and UVB. But I am not allowed to make claims of, for example, SPF 15 - 20. 

In the summer, I use another sun cream that I buy at, for example, The soul store. 


As soon as we start working on your order, you will receive an email with a track & trace code. Not received it? Be sure to check your spam folder.  

We give the parcels to the post within 2 working days (48h). If you order on Friday 2 p.m., this means that your parcel will be sent on Tuesday 2 p.m. at the latest. 

The postal service does not scan the parcels immediately. That is why it is possible that you see on the track & trace website that your parcel is still being processed by us, while it has actually already been delivered to the postal service. Don't worry, as soon as the postal service eliminates their delay, you will receive another update. 

We do not recommend using an SPF in a day cream. It is better to use a separate sunscreen after a cream. Why? Our moisturiser is full of actives which should penetrate the skin as much as possible. SPF (in case of natural minerals) should not penetrate into the skin. Many creams with SPF do not penetrate the skin as well as they should, which means that some of the nice actives cannot do their job properly. In addition, SPF also takes up some space in your product. Also at the expense of active ingredients.
Finally, it is wrong to think that you are protected all day by a day cream with SPF. After 2-3 hours, when the sun really starts shining, it usually wears off.

DPD comes along on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Orders placed before 10 am on that day will go out the same day. If everything goes well with DPD, you will have it the day after (for orders from the Netherlands, it takes two days). Sometimes the postal service is busier and it takes a little longer. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this. 

After ordering, the recipes are sent along with the confirmation e-mail. In this mail you will find at the bottom a URL link which redirects to the pdf file of the recipe. 

If you have not received anything, please check your spam folder. 

Je ontvangt enkel een digitaal recept (we <3 de bomen 🙂 ). 

Yeeeey, this makes us very happy :). Just contact us and we'll send you the B2B terms and conditions. 

We are absolutely open to this. Just send us an e-mail and we will see what is possible. 

Of course, in that case you pay less. 

The price you see with the recipes is the price for all the raw materials you need to make that recipe. 

Many of these raw materials can be used several times (sometimes more than 15 times). Moreover, most of the raw materials have a long shelf life. 

Each finished recipe (so 1 DIY product) costs between 2.5 and 6 euros. Not a lot of money for a quality and natural product :D. 

Of course! And 50%! 

Just send us an email and we will send you a discount code. 

This applies only to the identical workshop. If you followed e.g. face care offline, you get 50% discount on the online version. But you cannot get 50% discount on e.g. the make-up (unless you already followed it offline of course 🙂 ). 


Absolutely! However, we cannot provide free shipping above 50 euros for countries outside the BENELUX. The shipping cost will be calculated automatically at checkout. 

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